"Children safety in the Internet"

Every year more and more children use the Internet, accessing the web not only from the computer, but also from cell phones, which actualizes the issue of online security for children. A survey named “What do the Ukrainians know about and how they treat the issue of online security for children” jointly conducted together with the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, demonstrated that 78% of parents know nothing about the issues of online security for children. Approximately 28% of children are willing to send their photos to a stranger, and those who saw Internet ads of alcohol or tobacco tried to buy these products at least for once, 11% or the young respondents tried to buy drugs. In addition, 17% of children agree to report personal information about them and their family with no hesitation, 22% of children regularly come across adult websites and only in 18% of adults checked the pages viewed by their children.

Online-risks for children:

  • “Adult” and illegal content content: pornography, gambling, alcohol and tobacco advertisement.
  • Online-violence: calls for antisocial behavior, violence, cruelty, suicidal behavior, sexual exploitation etc.
  • Disclosure of the private information that can be used against children and their families.
  • Short numbers and paid services that have separate tariffs.

Taking into account the scale of children’s online security issue, in 2009 Kyivstar as a responsible mobile operator and Internet provider launched a program named “Internet Security for Children.”

Program’s objective: Providing children with necessary guidelines on the online security, promoting the creation of safe internet area for education and personal development.

In the framework of the program Kyivstar takes responsible business-solutions, draws up educational materials and actively carries out informational activity among children, teachers and parents to explain the basic rules of online security.

Program’s main results:

  • Informational activity is carried out among over 2000 children, 4000 parents and 5000 teachers throughout Ukraine;
  • a “white list” of recommended websites for children was created
  • first in Ukraine scientifically grounded manual for the parents “Children in the Internet: how to teach children safety in the virtual world” was published;
  • new “Parental control” Company service was implemented that guarantees children protection from the online-threats while accessing the Internet via mobile phone.



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