Local telephone lines

Fixed-line telephone communication with providing city number.


  • Qualitative and reliable communication.
  • Making image of a stable company with a direct number.
  • Potentialities of making and receiving calls at a time (due to connection of lines with and without a number).
  • Ability to simultaneously receive several incoming calls to the same number.
  • Service usability.

Examples of use

  • A small company’s office telephone.
  • Indication of the direct city number in the advertising material and receiving a great deal of calls to this number.
  • Direct number for your business cards.

Service features

Lines without a number

  • Telephone lines without a number make it possible to simultaneously receive several calls to one telephone number, as well as to simultaneously make several calls from a single (the only?) telephone number which appears on the number line.
  • Example: having purchased 1 line with a number and 3 lines without numbers, you are given one telephone number (as per quantity of number lines) which can be used for receiving simultaneously 4 incoming calls (equivalent to the quantity of lines with numbers) or for making simultaneously 4 outgoing calls identified as calls from one number but charged separately for each line.
Line with a number Line without a number
Connection fee, UAH 120 120
Subscriber fee, UAH 60 30
Monthly no-charge service volume
Minutes for calls to the fixed-line numbers within the city 166,66 166,66
Cost of services above the no-charge volume
Calls to the fixed-line numbers within the city, UAH/min. 0,054 0,054
Calls to the Ukraine’s fixed-line numbers, UAH/min. 0,60
Calls to mobile networks of Utel (code 068), UAH/min. 0,96
Calls to mobile networks of Utel, UAH/min. 1,08
Calls to mobile networks of Kyivstar, МТS, Life:), PEOPLE.Net, UAH/min. 1,20
Calls to mobile networks of Intertelecom, UAH/min. 1,44

Tariffs for Calls Abroad:

Countries Tariff
Russia, Georgia and CIS
(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kыrhыzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)
Europe and North America 25,00
Asia, Africa and other countries 35,00
Outgoing calls to satellite operators 100,00

Tariffs are given in UAH, VAT inclusive.

The calls are charged per second, starting from the first second.

How to activate

Wi-Fi-internet for business

Internet access at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s at an affordable price and Wi-Fi router just 1 UAH


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